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เฉลยแบบฝึกที่ 2 ทบทวนหลักการเติม s, es รูปประโยคบอกเล่า( Affirmative)

เฉลยแบบฝึกที่ 2
ทบทวนหลักการเติม s, es  รูปประโยคบอกเล่า( Affirmative)

         Study Table 1 and review rule of how to use“ s,es ” carefully then change the form of verbs 
          in parentheses and write sentences .
          คำชี้แจง :  ให้นักเรียนทบทวนตารางที่ 1 ให้เข้าใจและทบทวนหลักการเติม s หรือ  es ท้ายคำกริยา
                            แล้วขีดเส้นใต้กริยาในวงเล็บให้อยู่ในรูปที่ถูกต้องตามหลักไวยากรณ์และนำมา เขียนให้
                            เป็น ประโยคที่สมบูรณ์       
                                           Example :   She( eat, eats )an apple every day.
                                           She eats an apple every day .


1.  Ann always (play, plays) games in the evening.
     Ann always  plays  games in the evening.

2.    Ploy always (wear, wears) jeans.
              Ploy always  wears  jeans.

3.   Anne (listen, listens) to the songs from iPods.
      Anne  listens  to the songs from iPods

            4.  We (watch, watches) TV every weekend.
We  watch  TV every weekend.

             5.  He (like, likes) to drink coffee at Starbuck’s.
         He  likes  to drink coffee at Starbuck’s.

6.  He (try, tries) the T- shirt before he (buy, buys) it.
        He  tries  the T- shirt before he buys it.

7.  Jane ( swim, swims) in the swimming pool.
        Jane  swims  in the swimming pool

8.  Jane’s dad (download, downloads) movies from the Internet.
     Jane’s father downloads movies from the Internet.

9.  They (go, goes) to Phuket every summer.
     They go to Phuket every summer.

10.  The boy (take, takes) good care of his younger brother.
       The boy takes good care of his younger brother.

11.  My son ( like ) ________________to eat carrot.
       My son likes to eat carrot.

12.   Their baby often (cry) _____________________  at night.
        Their baby often cries  at night.

13.  They (wash) ____________________ their motorcycle every Sunday.
They wash their motorcycle every Sunday.

          14.   John frequently (drive) ___________________ to Pai on holidays.
             John frequently drives to Pai on holidays

         15.  Preecha (study) ____________________ at Navamindharajudhis Payap School.
  Preecha studies  at Navamindharajudhis Payap School.

 16.  He always (walk) _____________________ to school.
       He always walks to school.

17.  She (brush) ____________________ her teeth after meal three times a day.
              She brushes her teeth after meal three times a day.

 18.  Amy (catch) ____________________ the bus to work.
       Amy catches the bus to work.

  19.  Mary usually (feed) _______________________ her dog before 7:00 p.m.
                 Mary usually feeds  her dog before 7:00 p.m.

20.  Jim sometimes (fly) _____________________ to Bangkok.
       Jim sometimes flies to Bangkok.