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เฉลยแบบฝึกที่ 5 ประโยคคำถาม Yes ,/ No questions

เฉลยแบบฝึกที่ 5  
ประโยคคำถาม Yes ,/ No questions

           Write Yes / No questions .(Change verb in parentheses into the correct form.)
          คำชี้แจง : จงแต่งประโยคคำถามและเปลี่ยนคำกริยาในวงเล็บให้อยู่ในรูปที่ถูกต้องและสัมพันธ์กับ
            Example :  _______ Jim always (goes )to school by bus.
                             Does Jim always go to school by bus?

1.  Tom (has ) cereal and milk for breakfast.
      Does Tom have cereal and milk for breakfast?  Yes, he does.
2. They (watch) TV after dinner.
     Do they  watch  TV after dinner?  Yes, they do.
3.  He (drives) a taxi in Bangkok.
            Does  he drive a taxi in Bangkok.  No, he doesn’t.
4.    Mike (plays ) the piano very well.
             Does Mike play the piano very well?  Yes, he does.

5.   Mr. Brown (washes ) _____ his car on Sunday afternoon.
                    Does Mr. Brown wash his car on Sunday afternoon? Yes, he does.

6.   Rich (takes ) a bus to school.
      Does Rich take a bus to school?  Yes, he does.
                7.   My mother (cooks) delicious food for me every day.
         Does my mother cook delicious food for me every day?  Yes, she does.
8.   She  (swims) every evening.
Does she swim every evening?   Yes, she does.
9.  Jason  (reads) before he goes to bed.
   Does Jason read before he go to bed? Yes, he does.

10.  Ploy (does ) her homework before dinner.
    Does Ploy do her homework before dinner?  Yes, she does.

11.  We (have) a delicious dinner on Thanksgiving Day.
    Do we have a delicious dinner on Thanksgiving Day?   Yes, you do.

             12.  My friends and I (go) trick-or-treating every Halloween.
                    Do my friends and I go trick-or-treating every Halloween?  Yes you do.
             13.  My sister (works) as a waitress on her.
     Does my sister work as a waitress on her?  Yes, she does.

 14.    My friend and I (eat) a lot of ice cream.
     Do my friend and I eat a lot of ice cream? Yes, you do.

           15.  They (have) a beautiful bird.
     Do they have a beautiful bird?  Yes, they do.

             16.  My little sister (rides) her tricycle.
   Does my little sister ride her tricycle?  Yes, she does.

              17.    I (receive) a lot of presents on Valentine's Day.
                      Do I receive a lot of presents on Valentine's Day?  Yes, you do.

          18.  My mom (cooks) soup for us every morning.
    Does my mom cook soup for us every morning?  Yes, she does.

        19.  Mike (sings) in the church every Sunday
               Does Mike sing in the church every Sunday?  Yes he does.

         20.  Sandra (wins) an Oscar .
               Does Sandra win an Oscar ? Yes, she does.